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Aertecnica Perfetto TP2A Ducted Vacuum System, made in Italy, with a Self Cleaning Filter, service distance 45 metres and up to 6 inlets points, 5 YEAR WARRANTY, great for medium size homes

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Product Description

Aertecnica Perfetto TP2A 
service distance 45 metres & maximum inlets 6 - TP2A units service medium size homes
The Perfetto TPA line represents a new conception of advanced ducted vacuum systems. It is the confirmation of Aertecnica’s 27 years of experience which constantly expresses high contents of research and technology, guaranteeing the installer a silent reliable product, rapidly installed and requiring little maintenance.

  • Self cleaning filter
  • Nano paint technology
  • AVI display
  • Modbus connectivity
  • Dual intakes
  • Dual exhaust
  • Removable bin liner

The Perfetto line of ducted vacuum system power units are manufactured with a steel body and market leading Nano paint technology. They also have automatic cleaning filters, state-of-the-art diagnostic displays, modbus connectivity and many other features, and are market leaders for quality and reliability.

  • Power supply (v): 220/240
  • Service distance (metres): 45
  • Number of inlets: 6
  • Motor power (W): 1,600
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Electrical protection (IP): IP551
  • Motor rpm: 46,480
  • Noise (dB): 63
  • Turbine stage (number): 1
  • Socket power supply (V): 12
  • Vacuum power (airwatts): 653
  • Airflow (m³/h): 195
  • Maximum vacuum (mbar): 313
  • Filter cartridge area (cm²): 8,200
  • Filter cartridge material: Polyester
  • Container capacity (L): 13.5
  • Height (cm): 90
  • Diameter (cm): 30
  • Weight (kg): 13.8
  • Dynamic control display compatibility: Yes
  • Wireless system connectivity: Yes
  • Soft start starting: Yes
  • Right & left dust intake: Yes
  • Right & left air exhaust: Yes
  • AVI display: Yes
  • Modbus connectivity: Yes
  • Quick fit bracket: Yes
  • APF system (auto filter cleaning): Yes
  • Built-in vacuum socket: Yes
  • Clean bag (bin liner): Yes
  • Multifunction pockets: Yes
  • Muffler: Yes
  • Warranty (conditions apply): 5 years
  • Aertecnica power units are close to maintenance free. No lubrication or technical maintenance is needed. Aertecnica’s APF system (self-cleaning filter) noticeably reduces filter maintenance, and allows the power unit to operate at longer optimal levels, thanks to a constantly cleaned filter. The APF system is an Aertecnica patent which takes advantage of the air aspirated by the motor to activate a fan that turns on a vibration mechanism acting upon the filter, which in turn lets even the finest dust particles fall into the collection container. The permanent quality polyester filter may require removal and cleaning every twelve months or so – a quick and easy process. There is no need to replace dirty, messy bags, simply empty the dust container two or three times a year.
  1. Right and left double air exhaust
    A new feature which allows maximum flexibility of installation, regardless of the position of the central power unit.
  2. Degree of protection
    The Perfetto central power unit is made from highly resistant material, to which a coating has been applied. Certified with a high degree of electrical protection according to model. (see technical chart) The Perfetto Inox units have a high degree of resistance against atmospheric agents. These units are made out of AISI 304 stainless steel, which not only creates an aesthetic impact, it also eliminates almost all deterioration due to atmospheric agents and wear. Perfetto Inox units can be installed anywhere, both outside and inside.
  3. Evolution card 1.0
    The card, newly designed, is the heart of the whole system. Guides the motor start-up and the AVI display. A special program communicates with the display on which icons and parameters appear signaling the operational state of the performance plus power unit.
  4. Performance Plus Electric motor
    Protected, insulated and sound-proofed. Highly professional, guaranteed elevated performance plus. A result of 100% Italian Technology.
  5. Temperature sensor
    Monitors the operation of the central power unit and intervenes in the presence of anomalies due to incorrect usage.
  6. Sound-proof chamber
    Built with technologically advanced materials, the channeling circuit shape have been designed to further lower acoustic emissions of the central power unit, making it possible to use it at any moment of the day.
  7. AVI display (Immediate Display)
    Positioned on the front of the central power unit. It is characterized by a new design, with simple and comprehensible parameters and icons that are easily understandable and immediately signal the operational state of the power unit.
  8. Modbus communication system
    The central power units have a Modbus communication system that can be interfaced with the home automation systems widely found on the market.
  1. Double right and left dust intakes
    A great advantage for the installer. Assures maximum installation flexibility of the central power unit making installation faster on both the right and left sides.
  2. Built-in vacuum socket
    This new socket built into the central power unit body allows the central vacuum system to be used also in the place where the unit has been installed. This increases the versatility and the practicality of use


perfetto-tpa-line-info performance plus Performance Plus perfetto tpa line info1


  1. Precision filter cartridge
    An innovative product made of washable material and high filtering efficiency. Supplied with new alignment system and fastening, which makes installation and maintenance easier.
  2. APF system
    The new APF system (Self-Cleaning Filter) noticeably reduces filter maintenance, and allows the central power unit to operate at longer performance plus levels, thanks to a constantly cleaned filter. This system is an Aertecnica patent which uses air aspirated by the motor to activate a fan that turns on a vibration mechanism acting upon the filter, which in turn, lets even the finest dust particles fall into the collection container.
    APF system (self cleaning filter system) Europe Patent pending No. 06793421.6
  1. Quick fix bracket
    The new bracket with a front hooking system makes it possible to install in very small spaces and improves the stability of the wall mounting.
  2. Side multifunction pockets
    Convenient and practical to store frequently used items such as bags and instruction manual.
  3. Cone conveyor
    Is built-in and fixed to the machine body. This improves and speeds up the Clean Bag closure. Thanks to it’s new deeper shape, more dust can be collected, without spreading throughout the machine body. The filter isn’t dirtied thus maintaining longer-lasting performance plus.
  4. Dust container
    The new container is made of highly resistant material. A system of rapid hooking/unlocking for the Clean Bag has been installed internally. New ergonomic handles for easier opening and closing of the Clean Bag have been fixed to the sides.
  5. Ergonomic handles
    Aesthetically more appealing and much more functional. Two opening positions:
    a. The first partially unhook the container from the power unit body allowing the closure of the Clean Bag, completely avoiding contact with dust.
    b. The second completely unhooks the container from the power unit body for all ordinary maintenance operations.
  6. Clean Bag locking system
    A new system is installed inside the dust container (on the bottom plate) that make it possible to hook the Clean Bag to the dust container using pressure clips.
  7. Clean Bag dust bag
    Thanks to a new handle system, substituting the Clean Bag is fast and easy but overall 100% hygienic, allowing the user hermetic closure thus avoiding contact with dust.
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