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Eco Concepts Glass and Appliance Cleaner Cleaning Kit. A safer, vinegar enhanced, ammonia free, and versatile cleaner for the removal of grease and other soils from traditional household appliances now only $29

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Eco Concepts Glass & Appliance Cleaning Combo
A safer, vinegar enhanced, ammonia free, and versatile cleaner for the removal of grease and other soils from traditional household appliances and most non-porous surfaces, such as: glass, mirrors, stainless steel, porcelain, chrome, cabinetry, etc.
Comes With Everything Pictured: Kit Box, 946ml Spray Bottle,340g  Concentrate, Push/Pull Cap, Micro-Fiber Cloth
Concentrate Makes Up To 6 X 946ml Spray Bottles. Thats approx 5.67 litres in total


Cleans glass fast without extensive rubbing Vinegar enhanced Leaves a sparkling finish

EcoConcepts Glass, Window & Appliance Cleaner is a safer, vinegar enhanced, ammonia free, versatile cleaner that maximises the removal of grease, finger smears, smoke film, water spots and other soils from glass, mirrors and other non-porous surfaces with minimum effort. No rinsing is necessary to leave a clean, non-streak, film-free and sparkling finish.

Product Applications: EcoConcepts Glass, Window & Appliance Cleaner can be used with a sprayer, squeegee and other cleaning equipment. It is ideal for the removal of grease from most non-porous surfaces such as glass, mirrors, stainless steel, porcelain, chrome and cabinetry etc.


All readily biodegradable components
All renewable ingredients
Low or no toxicity to human and aquatic life
No carcinogens, sensitizers, teratogens or mutagens 

No NPEs, APEs or other endocrine disruptors
No phosphates, NTA, chlorine bleach, or harsh solvents 

Ultra low or No VOC for improved air quality
Green certified, partnered and other 3rd partyrecognised chemistry

Concentrated formulas to reduce wasted packaging and fuel

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